Samsung M8910 Pixon For Every Requirement

For many, Samsung M8910 Pixon is basically a camera phone. But if you give a deeper look to the features of Samsung M8910 Pixon, you would realize that it is a complete phone that suits all your requirement along with a great camera option.
Camera being the best and most attractive feature of the handset gets all the attention. With the 10 megapixel camera one can only expect amazing features and that is exactly what one would get from their handsets. There is LED flash, auto focus; zoom and different modes to enable the user click amazing quality pictures. One can make even videos from the camera at 30 fps. The facility of video calling is also supported by the handset.
The handset looks really handsome with measurements 108mm by 53mm by 13.8mm.
Even the display is awesome. The touch screen is AMOLED type and measures 3.1 inches when measured diagonally. The high screen resolution we get from the screen is 480 pixels by 800 pixels and 16 million colours that are displayed from the screen ensure clarity of picture.
Other interesting features of the handset include WLAN WiFi in order to connect to internet without wire.
Then there are Bluetooth, EDGE technology, GPRS and USB port in order to provide the all possible data features to the user. All these take care of connections to other devices both wired as well as wireless. Even the speed of data transfer is made quickly with the EDGE and GPRS technologies.
The 3G HSDPA technology is performing dual purpose of increasing the speed with which internet connection could be established on the mobile phone and also the task of multitasking which are very important for a phone of its caliber.
Samsung M8910 Pixon is integrated with 150 megabytes of internal memory and there is one memory card slot of microSD type which enables the user to increase the amount of present memory till 16 GB.
The video player and the music player of the handset are other interesting entertainment features that are available to the user. One can listen to almost all popular music formats and view major video formats as well on Samsung M8910 Pixon.