Santana Returns to Australia

The legendary guitarist Carlos Santana will be getting to the land down under during the month of March in 2011. Beginning with two shows in Jakarta, Indonesia, Santana and band will then depart for New Zealand and Australia. He is scheduled to play six shows in Australia and two shows in New Zealand between March 13th and 26th.
Santana’s legend began as a teenager in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Fransisco and he began his career by getting the attention of Bill Graham, the iconic music promoter who operated the Fillmore West. Santana would sneak into the Fillmore West and hide until the shows would start. Bill Graham finally realized what Santana was doing and decided to put him to work, eventually allowing his band to open for acts at the show room.
Jumping ahead, Carlos Santana brokered this opportunity into a record deal with Columbia Records, releasing Evil Ways during the summer of the Woodstock Festival. His performance of “Soul Sacrifice” during the rain storm at Woodstock is one of the most popular and compelling live tracks in rock and roll history.
The next few Santana albums were also very successful, especially the Abraxas album that featured “Black Magic Woman.” It is still one of the largest selling recordings of all time.
Santana then went into partnership with Mahavishnu John McGlaughlin, a jazz fusion guitarist from Great Britain. With his style developing during this period, Santana mastered the classic tone that is unmistakably, signature Carlos Santana. He is arguably the most easily recognized guitar player in the world.
The success of Santana during the past 20 years has been a testament to his natural musical ability, as he has won numerous Grammy Awards and still holds the record for the most awards in one year.
Santana’s second commercially successful career has grown out his guitar duet ability. Never having been a singer, he has had to team up with others and the result has been a string of guest appearances and collaborations. The tour in Australia and New Zealand, which begins with eight shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the first half January, will feature his own band.
For those who have never witnessed the magic of Carlos Santana in concert, this return visit by Santana to Australia is a golden opportunity to see him during his golden years. He still plays with the same signature sound and emotion, appearing to be an open channel during his performances.
In New Zealand you can catch the magic on the 20th in Auckland at Vector Arena and the 22nd in Christchurch at CBS Canterbury Arena. Australian shows will take place in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and the Hunter Valley, NSW.
Show venues will include Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne and the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, a very versatile and user-friendly sound stage that is a favourite venue for many professionals. Santana will also be playing at the Entertainment Centre in Adelaide.
The Sydney show for Santana will be at the Acer Arena, with the Hunter Valley show at Hope Estate (a beautiful vineyard) on the 25th and 26th, respectively. The Australian leg of the tour will begin on March 13th at Sandalford Estate, Swan Valley, in Perth.
If you have yet to see the master and his machine, this down under tour is a fantastic opportunity to have your own experience of a truly gifted musician.