Save the Tree

News papers printed on paper are on the same track as say the steam locomotive. It was great for a time, it changed the world, but when it’s time came it went kicking and screaming to the museum like all the other out modes. Today, like most I read my newspapers, a total of five, the New York Times, The Washington Post and three state newspapers without touching a piece of paper. We can save the tree now, it is so obvious that news on printed paper is obsolete. I know the tree cutters, paper mills, printing press manufacturers, pressmen, ink makers, truck drivers, delivery drivers will all have adjustments to make. That is just part of that kicking and screaming on the way to the museum that will never go away.
The magazines have been on a downward spiral since the advent of the TV newsmagazine shows like “60 Minutes”, which started in 1968. The industry has been losing its market share for over 40 years, why do we need magazines printed on paper? What are we saving? I know the presses are a better class of machine and the ink is more costly, but, we need to send them all to the museum. The kicking and screaming will be loud but we can save the tree now. The thing is most of them have an electronic version in place.
Books have been available in electronic format for years. I read ebooks on my first palm unit. The industry even attempts to prevent books from being placed in electronic format. This is like the railroads fighting the advent of the passenger airline, why does anyone listen? There are something like a million and a half volumes that are electronic today. The biggest hold back is a format war like the VHS vs Beta or IBM vs everybody but Apple battles of the past. Books will all be electronic, everyone knows it is coming, we can save the tree now.
Just one more example of an out mode that proves my point. A couple years ago I purchased this palm unit that did everything, ebooks, newspapers, email, calendar, contacts, electronic transfers, it even understands hand writing. Now I have a telephone that is about the same size that does all that plus surf the internet, take pictures, make movies, be a GPS locater and there is no end to what it can do. So why do we need news printed on paper? I am sure we can find some other paper to house train our puppies on.