Seasonal Conditions and Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet newsgroups are good places to discuss just about any topic of public interest. Among the most publicized stories, year after year, are those that deal with seasonal ailments, such as influenza, that are sometimes quite serious. You can learn quite a bit about such topics on Usenet.
Usenet has been shown to respond to stories that are currently in the news, especially where health issues are concerned. For instance, you’ll find a lot more posts about the flu during flu season and more information about hay fever during the spring and summer months. This makes it a great source of information that’s up to date and on topic. Usenet has a very interesting way of self-filtering and it’s important where health information is concerned.
On a Usenet newsgroup, if someone comes on and says they’re a medical doctor, they’re going to be challenged on that in the vast majority of cases. Though Usenet is intended for everyone, it does have something of an elite-or “leet” in computer speak-air to it. The users of this service are less numerous than the users of Internet forums and other social networking services and, for many of them, the reason behind it is that those other services fail to adhere to the kind of community-negotiated standards expected of Usenet. In short, if you claim you’re a brain surgeon on Usenet, someone’s probably going to ask you a question only a brain surgeon would know in short order and, if you can’t answer it, you’re probably going to be called out and ignored.
Of course, hunting around the Internet for a brain surgeon is a bit drastic. Where less serious conditions are concerned, however, you can oftentimes find a lot of qualified people to help you out. In the case of hay fever, for instance, you’ll find plenty of people who suffer it and plenty of people who treat it. You may even find that one symptom or another is much more common than you thought and be able to relate to the participants who also suffer it.
Usenet is a public service, but you can, in some ways, think of it as an exclusive club. Most of the participants understand and adhere to good rules of netiquette and the first rule of netiquette is not to misrepresent yourself. If you have common health concerns, you may want to consider mining the newsgroups for information. There are plenty of good newsgroups to read and there is an endless stream of conversation on this service. This makes it ideal for those who want to learn more about a condition from people who suffer with it and from the people who treat it.