Sharon Reed – News Anchor

Sharon Reed the woman behind the news anchor. She made headlines for being a good anchor but posing nude certainly made an impact on her career. She posed nude along with thousands of other people in an art display June 2004.
Steve Doerr, news director of WOIO admitted the idea behind Sharon’s nudity was to cover Tunick, a well-known artist, in a different way. Doerr said the story also was aimed at bringing in ratings.
It is possible that she was willing to take off her clothes for the camera because management strongly suggested it. She has a good career and maybe, just maybe she felt obligated to do so. I believe the question should be asked why Sharon felt this drastic gimmick was necessary.
An artistic nudity scene is questionable for all that participated in the event, but this is what America is built upon, free will. I believe that you should be able to choose your options as long as you do not hurt yourself or others. Why did Sharon participate? Most people will probably never find out.
At first, I wondered if she is the kind of person who would pose in playboy. Surely, not all are liberal and I believe this is a good thing. But allow me to pose this question, why was Sharon only singled out and only she was condemned. It is pretty obvious that it was meant to produce ratings.
I have read in some places where people suggest that she is trying to sleep her way to the top. Sharon and her former station, WCAU/Philadelphia, parted ways when a reporter, Alicia Taylor, alleged cyber war. The station terminated Sharon’s Reed’s employment.
Reed said she was praised for “standing up” for what she believed, but also was ridiculed for jeopardizing TV news standards. I wonder if she believes that it was all worth it and would she do it again.