Should the Heene Family Face Criminal Charges?

When I say the Heene family, I’m referring to the parents obviously, but you have to wonder if they should be exposed to criminal charges for their antics of the past few days.
In case you missed out on the news or simply haven’t cared to keep up, here’s a quick update about this extraordinarily weird news story.
The Heene family in Colorado reported to the FAA and the police that their youngest son, Falcon, had been stuck inside a flying saucer filled with helium, and the saucer was now floating thousands of feet above ground through the skies of Colorado. Panicked as anyone would be, major media outlets quickly picked up on the story and provided live coverage of the flying saucer.
Just hours later, it was revealed that Falcon had been hiding in the family’s attic, and he wasn’t in fact inside the saucer. The nation breathed a sigh of relief.
It wasn’t until later that night during an interview with Wolf Blitzer where Falcon Heene blurted out the fact that he was told to stay inside the attic “for the TV show”. This has led many to believe that the entire incident was intentionally staged.
If this is in fact the case, and it looks like it might be, then the fact that $2 million was spent on this pursuit of the saucer must be taken into consideration. The Heene parents could and should very well face criminal charges for staging such a pathetic gimmick. If this was actually the case, then my answer would be yes.