Sony Ericsson Aino – Beautiful And Powerful

The Sony Ericsson Aino is the new phone in the block enticing everyone with its beauty and glamour. The combination of good features and marvelous looks make this phone irresistible. This wonderful 3G phone will be useful to you in all fields of work.
*This phone has touch screen ability and thus has a large screen which is 3 Inches in size and displays up to 16 million colours on the screen. This screen has a fine screen resolution of 432 pixel X 240 pixel which provides a beautiful and a crystal clear view.
*Sony Ericsson Aino has a very high quality camera feature allowing its user to enjoy capturing high quality images and videos on this phone. The camera has an 8.1 MP camera lens complete with a 16 X digital zoom feature and an auto focus feature.
*A built in FM radio has an advance RDS radio technology which means that the user can listen to radio music while working on other things on the large touch screen.
If you are a music lover then the SONY ERICSSON AINO suits u the best since it supports:

Mp3 format ringing songs for the best quality music experience.

An integrated music player in which the album art image cover display feature can be viewed.

Stereo quality speakers for a high aspect sound experience.

Shake control features to control their music and to shuffle between the tracks.

SensMe music feature gives an option to store the music according to the mood whether the mood is happy or sad.

TrackID recognition feature allows one to find out the songs the user likes the by just recording a few seconds of the song .

The music recognition feature will provide the user with all the required information and all the details including the full name of the artist, the name of the album and year of the song.

Mega Bass music feature and Play Now music download feature for the user to relish the music and download more from the web whenever required.