Sony Ericsson C905 – Make the Best Choice

In today’s technological market, Sony Ericsson is a brand that needs no introduction. Sony Ericsson has always been in news for launching some of the most remarkable music mobile gadgets. Their widgets are very popular especially among the young generation and music lovers.
The latest phone launched by this mega company is Sony Ericsson C905. It is a fantastic phone and has a right blending opportunity that allows a professional to work as well as focus on his or her entertainment needs.
If you want a real alternative to a digital camera, then the Sony Ericsson C905 is the right mobile phone for you because with its high resolution camera that has and high end features like face-recognition, and zoom both Xenon and camera flash and Geotagging, this phone is tagged as the best and most advanced camera phone in recent times.
Features of Sony Ericson C905 –
o Stunning looks- The Sony Ericson C905 is all about style and performance. The sophisticated looks and unparalleled design makes this widget a clear winner over its counterparts. With minimal weight of136 grams this power-packed gadget also has a vibrant TFT screen that has a high resolution. So you get excellent quality pictures and videos.
o Enormous storage capacity- One of the strongest points of this widget is its storage capacity. It has an internal memory that is not only high but also is expandable through a memory stick or card. Its phonebook can store around 1000 phone numbers in 20 different categories. Apart from that it can also store received, dialed and missed calls.
o Connectivity – Talking about connectivity the Sony Ericson C905 is loaded with the latest state of the art technologies like GPRS and at the same time this excellent gadget comes with a USB adaptor for easier transferring of pictures to your laptop. Thus you can share pictures and songs with other people, with the WiFi and Bluetooth in no time.
o Camera – The main USP of this phone is its high resolution camera embedded with features such autofocus and image stabilizer and 16X optical zoom which gives you stunning shots anywhere. The Xenon flash enables you to take pictures even in the dark. It also has a secondary video-call camera. Needless to say the Sony Ericson C905 has a clear edge over all other phones because of its camera features.
o Media – The Sony Ericson C905 has a great number of media applications like Java MIDP 2.0 and FM radio with RDS. Also it has a MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player with Track ID music recognition and picture editor/blogging feature. The Photo Mate application helps you to enhance your photography skills.
o Battery- The Sony Ericson C905 has an excellent battery back-up. Its standby time is around 380 hours. So your phone can survive for several days without charging.
All in all, Sony Ericsson C905 is a mobile gadget that has not only got the best camera but also the best features.