Texas Has Added More Jobs This Year Than All Other States Combined

Okay so, who are you going to vote for in 2012 for president, is the question floating around the coffee shops of America currently. That seems to be the big question in the media as well, and apparently all the news outlets are getting ready for a very intensive political season. Right now, many people are concerned with the unemployment figures, and the economy. President Obama has told us that it wasn’t his fault early on, and then they produced big massive stimulus packages.
The Obama Administration promised us that this would provide millions of jobs. Now we are told that the stimulus either “created or prevented millions of jobs from being lost” which isn’t exactly the same thing as was previous guaranteed. Still, even if jobs were saved from being lost or created, at what cost I ask, one estimate was that the government spent something like $10 million for every job created.
That’s rather interesting estimate, I mean you could have given money to small business people and they could’ve hired people right away. I guarantee you if you gave $50,000 to a small business person they’d have hired an employee the next day, and they all have lots of work to do, as they never seem to have enough people.
One interesting point is Rick Perry the governor of Texas may run for the presidency on the Republican ticket in 2012. You may not realize this, or maybe you have been watching a few of the news outlets which have reported that Texas has actually added more jobs this year than all the other states combined. Now then, I know Texas is a very big state, but that’s fairly impressive. That means Rick Perry the governor of Texas was able to provide more jobs than the Obama Administration without spending $1 trillion. Are you beginning to see the point?
Meanwhile, President Obama tells us to be patient on the economy, but many people are wondering what they have been doing for the last two and a half years. In fact, unemployment may go to 10% before election time runs around. And as you probably know, no president has been reelected when the unemployment rate was over 7.5%, at least since FDR.
The news media outlets say that the United States doesn’t want another Texas governor as president, because the people are still angry over the Bush Administration, but facts are facts, and the figures don’t lie. When asked about this predicament, President Obama took credit for Texas’ success in job creation, but is that really fair?
What I mean to say is that when Texas had its big wildfires, President Obama did not declare it a national disaster area, and many people wonder why, was because of political payback? After all, the Obama administration’s former Chief of Staff had made a comment that they would be punishing their political opponents and rewarding those that had supported their team in the last election.
Indeed, at this point, you’ll have to make up your own mind, although it is a long time until the November 2012 election, I wonder if President Obama is re-elect-able at all? Maybe the Democrats should get someone else. Please consider all this and think on it.