The choice of windows and money, comfort of use and security of property

What makes similar PVC-U windows of the same size and design are the components from which they are made. What, apart from the price, can distinguish them from each other, while determining the possibility of their use in a building, are levels/classes / values ​​of performance. Of the many functional properties of windows and doors mentioned in the standard, at least a few PVC-U windows will never have, for example, explosion resistance or bulletproofing. However, there are also among them those that directly determine the utility value of the product and the benefits that the buyer can achieve.

Selected functional properties of windows and balcony doors

Properties relevant to each PVC-U window include:

  1. Heat permeability
  2. Air permeability
  3. Acoustic properties
  4. waterproof
  5. Wind load resistance
  6. Radiation related properties – solar radiation coefficient “g”
  7. Radiation related properties – “Lt” light transmission
  8. Operational forces
  9. Mechanical strength
  10. Resistance to repeated opening and closing
  11. Burglary resistance

The order in which the individual properties are listed is random and should not affect the perception of the role that the property fulfills in the finished product and its possible importance for the user. Each of these properties can be assigned to a certain category of benefits, which often seem to determine the decision to buy a window or balcony door depending on the object requirements and expectations of the buyer.

Recognizing the buyer’s expectations regarding windows and functions to be fulfilled in a house or apartment, in conjunction with an appropriate presentation of the product properties directly referring to the benefits associated with these properties seems to be a definitely better way to sell effectively than commonly attempted to compete only based on the imperfect presentation of the set of components from which the window was made. Better, although more difficult, because it requires technical knowledge and skills to apply it in practice.