The Essential Sections of a Successful Press Release

Press releases are a great way of letting people know about events involving your business or organisation. It should follow a set format to achieve optimum success. The role of a press release is to gain the reader’s attention and encourage them to read on and learn more about the topic. They are also a useful way of submitting information to search engines. This article focuses on the essential sections of a successful press release.
• The headline is what initially gets the reader`s attention. This should contain information relating to the topic and keywords which people are likely to search for. Most importantly it should make the reader want to learn more. The easiest way of coming up with a relevant headline is to draw the main keywords from the body of text and make them into a catchy sentence. A good deal of time should be spent on getting the headline right.
• Following the headline is a summary. This briefly outlines the main story and is an area where the individual’s or organisation’s details can be added. This should be short and snappy to encourage the reader to continue. The ultimate aim of a press release is to publicise a person or organization. So mentioning the name in question early on is important in order to make the connection between them and the news topic.
• Before the main content of the press release is the Dateline and Lead Paragraph. If the reader hasn’t fully read the headline or initial summary then this is where they will get concise information about when and where the news event took place. This should be a short and punchy account of what the story is about. It should only be about 25 words long, it’s to keep the reader interested now that they have decided to read at the story further.
• The Body Copy follows next and is the main part of the press release, telling the story of the event. This section should be 300-800 words long.
• The latter part of the press release is generally about the individual or organization. The Boiler Plate Statement is the ‘About Us’ information. It comes after the news story and generally remains unchanged throughout press releases.
• The last paragraph enables you to put down your contact details. This can include your website address, location and also your telephone number. People may want to contact you straight away after reading the press release.
Press releases are generally short in length. They are for informing people of an event that has taken place, not about educating them. The content should be newsworthy, objective and based on fact. Images, audio and video can be added to the content to make it more appealing. Links to your website can also be added in the body text which is hugely beneficial in driving traffic to your site.