The Latest News on Depression

Depression can be completely cured thanks to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. I greatly simplified his method for you, and today you can immediately understand the meaning of all dreams. This simplification was based on new scientific discoveries that clarified the origin of all mental illnesses.
You can find relief and understand on what is happening to you by analyzing the meaning of your own dreams. You don’t need to go anywhere or pay anything to your doctor. You doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to save your mental stability.
After mastering the dream language like my students, you will clearly understand what is really causing your depression. The unconscious mind is a doctor who gives you explanations and answers, instead of asking you questions like ignorant human doctors do.
Carl Jung was a real genius, but his method of dream interpretation is too complicated and obscure. This is why until today it was not recognized as the only correct method. My work gives Jung the merit he deserves. He was the only one who did manage to discover the mysterious meaning of the symbolic dream language. He also discovered the extraordinary healing power of dreams.
You will immediately understand what is going wrong with your life when you translate your dreams. You will also understand what you should do in order to overcome your depression.
The unconscious mind shows you truths you ignore, by analyzing your past and your present life. You will be surprised to discover the reason why you are suffering today was originated a long time ago. The problems you are facing today wouldn’t torture you if you had the right attitude. However, you made many mistakes for being influenced by your wild nature. You couldn’t understand what was happening to you. Today you feel the burden of all the mistakes you made, and of their consequences.
You may believe that you didn’t make any mistake, but you certainly did. You have inherited too much absurdity in your anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like your human side. This primitive content keeps invading your human conscience and bothering you. You don’t have the chance to think logically because your conscience is influenced by the craziness imposed by your anti-conscience.
On the other hand, you are ignorant. You may believe that you know many things, but you ignore too many things that you should be attending to. The unconscious wisdom will show you everything about your inner-self.
You will also find out how to change your life. This point is basic if you want to feel fine. You cannot stop suffering if your life is marked by painful situations or bad relationships.
You may believe that you suffer because of various factors that you cannot change. However, the unconscious wisdom will show you how to modify what you dislike. You will also learn how to discover new alternatives in life. There are many solutions for all problems.
The positive news on depression should be encouraging. Now you don’t need to accept the human ignorance and try many different therapies, without understanding anything. The unconscious psychotherapy will give you many explanations and practical solutions. You will also become more intelligent with everything that you’ll learn.