The Notes of Madrid

Here are the notes of Madrid players after they were eliminated in the semi-final of the Champions League on Wednesday at the Bernabu, by Bayern Munich. In lane left, Marcelo will forget a catastrophic Coentrao to go, while on the opposite wing, Arbeloa has not been at his Brazilian teammate.
Iker Casillas: 7
San Iker had yet watched the grain. After taking a bullet strikes a dubious Gomez (12th), Captain of Real multiplied critical interventions throughout the meeting. Not far out Robben’s penalty (27th), it is shown twice before deciding Gomez (34th, 36th) and Robben (45th, 67th). During the shooting session goals, Casillas thought he had done the hard part by diverting attempts Kroos and Lahm. But it would have taken a more…
Alvaro Arbeloa: 3.5
The weakest link in the Madrid defense. Overtaken by Alabama from the eighth minute, then gave a lot of hits, including Franck Ribery. His rough treatment led to his being warned logically (59th). As for his offensive contributions, it has been virtually nonexistent.
Sergio Ramos: 4
He had a difficult first half, leaving Gomez including spinning twice in his back (34th, 43rd). In his defense, he had the world against him. But if he was stronger in the second half, despite some corners of the head granted, we note that his match penalty kick missed, sent in the clouds. The third failure of the Merengue. One too many.
PEPE: 5.5
As usual, he was combative and did not give up. If he has suffered greatly in the air against the impeccable timing of Gomez, he relied on his speed to control the attacking German ground. He takes particular twice (43rd, 54th), but causes the penalty, which is very expensive at the finish. Some mounted furious, and a coarse simulation before Ribery, along the touchline.
A sign that never fails. Unlike all its partners, Marcelo had not started the previous two games against Bayern and Barcelona. And this has been. The Brazilian had the juice, and a lot of desire. Replacing a Coentrao guilty on the second goal for Bayern to go, he was the author of numerous mounted incisors, and has never trembled before Robben, who has yet touched a lot of balls. Raises in his own, he still had the strength for one last rush, in the 118th minute. He was the only one.
Sami Khedira: 5.5
Scorer early in the Clasico, he almost recur at the third minute caviar Di Maria. But the German international has missed the last of prompt action, and thereafter it has not really ventured far from his mate Xabi Alonso. Author of a tackle decisive Ribery (12th), it did not take many risks in his game He has also covered the mounted Marcelo, while lending a hand to his strong side against the duo Robben-Lahm.
No doubt the symbol of Real tired. The former Real Sociedad has played very low, even when Real took the lead. But when the Bayern came from behind, he struggled to make the link between defense and attack, weighing from one surface to another. And when Real did not have the ball, it is inevitably less useful. However, he deserves his shot to score the goal.
Angel DI MARIA: 4.5
A good fifteen minutes and then nothing. Good overflow and after a lag of Khedira (3rd), his volley found the arms of Alabama for the penalty (5th). Madrid’s most dangerous early in the game, he is slowly dying, even if it has not been reluctant to defend.Replaced by KAKA (75th), but not decisive for. And the Brazilian also missed his shot on goal.
Mesut Ozil: 6.5
Scorer to go, he found its primary function, that of the organizer of the game in light passes has unbalanced the Bayern defense and found Ronaldo’s second goal (14th). Throughout the match, he has consistently given the movement, and accelerated the game by the quality of his passing by a few strokes and kidney. Replaced by Esteban Granero (111th), who has not had time to watch much.
Cristiano RONALDO: 5.5
A game of contrasts. He first showed great composure on the penalty spot (6th) and sliding the ball neatly out of the reach of Neuer (14th). But later, he experienced some loss of ball unusual. Often banished to the wings, it caused without differences. He also lacked sharpness in his attempts, like those loupes strikes in OT (99th, 109th). Above all, the Portuguese saw his shot on goal superbly stopped by Neuer.
Karim Benzema: 6
Calls, many calls. As in the Clasico, the attacker of the France team did not score-and that’s a big downside, but he worked for the collective. Overall, the former Lyon played fair, taking his chance when necessary, by just missing the top corner (31st), finding the gloves Neuer (57th) or after an incisive overflow (78th). Replaced by Gonazlo HIGUAIN (106th), which was rarely seen.