The Unpredictable Fate of the Kashmiris – When Does It End?

The turmoil in Kashmir continues while the protests are further instigated because of the disrespect shown to the sacred books of Muslims is really creating a devastating situation in the Indian bound Kashmir.
The violence in Kashmir has escalated and has made the government plan new strategies to control it in the best way possible. Although, Kahsmir has been an issue since the partition of Pakistan and India, but it is in face since 1989 Kashmiri’s have been gravely suffering and waiting for the moment that they will be free from curfews and restrictions and will get a chance to live and enjoy life just as everyone does.
Though some officials are calling to ease the harsh security as a goodwill gesture but some top state government officials are ready to use all the powers to restore the order in Kashmir. The government plans to adopt all the legal measure that will help to stop the protest and ease the tension that the Kashmiri people are living with for the past years.
The Kashmiri Muslims want their independence from the Hindu dominated Kashmir and are continuously protesting and demonstrating for their lawful rights. The Kashmiri folks are really tired of living in government curfews and strikes and want a breath of fresh air to live a normal life.
The Kashmiri’s have had enough restrictions to face and have been observed to introduce an even more revolting attitude with the government who has again imposed an indefinite curfew in the area. Local residents have been reported against unbearable tortures and beatings by the soldiers and have also accused the soldiers of firing at the innocent people who were participating in peaceful protest rallies.
According to sources the Indian soldiers are carrying batons and tear gas instead of the regular guns and this shows that they are ready to crush whoever comes in their way while filling their satisfaction. With the strict laws enforcing and the curfews, Muslims were not allowed to offer even their traditional Friday prayers in the main mosques of the area and instead prayed in the small mosques of their own localities.
The security forces controlling Kashmir need to change their strategies in cooling down the Kashmir people and need to adopt non lethal means so that the number of casualties in Kashmir can be reduced. The faith of Kashmir is the most volatile topic that has been going on and on and seems to be a part of the never ending debate and discussions.
The Kashmir rebellion is being largely suppressed but the real fact is that the public opposition to Indian rule remains deep rooted as anti India sentiment runs deep down in Kashmir. The loud cries of the Kashmiri people, “We Want Freedom” are unheard by the governing parties as they remain immune to all events and instead wish for their own separate and distinct identity on the face of the earth.