The Wall, Screaming Mannequins And Love Equilibrium (Poems)

The Wall
We built a black wall in our white space
To create two different worlds, where you and I
Could live separately
It was an internal wall of human misery
Almost invisible from the outside.
Then, we sought the knowledge.
We were husband and wife,
But we separately sought the same knowledge.
We had been seeking the knowledge until
We couldn’t feel any thrill of love.
We had been seeking the knowledge in spite of love,
Until we realized that
We could not live without love any longer.
Knowledge would have no sense
If we could really and permanently die
In nothingness.
Therefore, we started looking for love again.
We realized we had to break down
The wall we had built some time ago.
Meanwhile, the wall has become white and the spaces
Have become black.
We tried to break it down,
But the wall remained white.
We realized it belonged only to God.
Therefore, we asked God to demolish it
And God created a window in the wall
For us to be able to see each other.
We looked at each other
Being so surprised and terrified,
Because we couldn’t recognize ourselves.
At least, we understood that our relationship was
Almost impossible.
In that moment, we’ve asked God to make a miracle
And God gave us the tears.
Screaming Mannequins
Eyes huddled in fear,
That paralyzing fear in front of bullets mercilessly sprayed,
Deep sprayed by the cruelty, which must be feed up
With victims,
Those defenseless victims of hate,
That dreadful hate,which is fed up with love
As well as
Pleasure is fed up with pain,
That extreme pain,which embellishes the madness,
That round madness like a cold moisturized rosy-red,
Rosy red ring shaped patches, a giant Quincke swelling
And a boisterous cooling noisy breathing,
Snorting breath like groaning a song,
A love song for the dance of death,
A painful death for the warm puppets,
Beautiful puppets becoming cold wax mannequins,
Bleak mannequins screaming in their red rain
Of feelings,
Red feelings coloring their sad moments,
Cool moments of winter fires
In caves of shadows.
Love Equilibrium
Equilibrium needs the ending state of instability,
Because this potential energy is in dependability
It’s like unifying state of all contraries in war dance
Or a contradictory state of abstraction; a trance.
Our thinking may need, too, its abstract instability,
When emotional instability may generate creativity
For the metastable states and the feelings’ wisdom,
For the development of the main thinking system.
Link between pure sex and happiness is an illusion,
It’s swimming in waters of wild fancy and confusion.
When our love equilibrium needs moments of instability
Inside of me, pieces of you are in deep dependability.