They Want to Control the Internet But at Who’s Expense?

Apparently, a good number of industry media specialists, lobbyists, and lawyers have gotten together to enforce copyright laws, and prevent content from being lifted. Content meaning videos, music, digital artwork, and news articles, novels, and eBook content, and on the surface this sounds reasonable doesn’t it? Sure it does, but these folks wish to automatically remove websites, by stopping the ISPs until the conflicts can be resolved.
Think about this for a second, an ISP can be shut down when someone complains of copyright violations or plagiarism. Well, indeed, I am quite concerned for a few reasons. First, I have spent the last five years creating 19,000 articles online. Think if you will 15-20 minutes per article times 19,000 to understand my point here. I now note that I have folks stealing my content and running these articles through Derivative Software programs which “spin” the articles and change around sentences.
Then the folks doing this post those articles under their names instead of mine, well, who is to say that an article which is “spun” by someone is not stolen by another and “spun” again, randomly coming back with duplicate key phrases? Then, and this has happened, the article I posted online at a give website goes out of business. I still own that content, so I repost it somewhere else, but now I do not have “first use proof online” and the other individual if I catch them swears that work, sentences, etc, is theirs.
Since, I cannot prove first use, I lose, I am labeled a plagiarizer, and my website is taken down. Worse, since I write on “hot topics” sometimes very political, there is a real incentive to character assassinate me, or censor my comments. And no, I am not paranoid, but I have noted issues like this with my stolen content, being called plagiarized, when it was the thief who is the real culprit.
Anyway, this is a very slippery slope; I do not trust anyone moving to control my free speech, especially in secret talks. And although it pisses me off something terrible, the few instances I mention above, I would rather deal with that, then have an anvil over my head and big brother controlling what I say, and cutting me off randomly if they feel offended or it does not meet their agenda to control the minds of the masses through control of the Internet. Please consider all this.