Those 65+ Must Get Connected Before The World Passes Them By

Communications is moving faster than most people perceive, this is especially true with new seniors. As television brought the Vietnam War into America’s living rooms and the Internet put worldwide news at our finger tips, social media is making all events personal. The recent revolution in Egypt and other Middle-East countries was fueled by reports and calls-to-action through Facebook and Twitter.
Individuals connecting with other individuals through the Internet grew to critical mass, fast. Bloggers provided the background information and promoted unrest. Traditional media, such as state-run newspapers and television, could not keep pace with the tweets and other forms of messaging that used the Web to connect with protesters in spite of the government shutting down the Internet for a time.
Comparisons have been made between the early colonial pamphleteers and modern-day bloggers as the grass roots communicators of their respective periods in history. Many claim that Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, “Common Sense,” was instrumental in bringing the colonists together in 1776. It was read in public gatherings and was the most discussed writing leading up to the revolution.
While Americas are not trying to topple a regime, we are involved in a fiscal crisis that could result in a revolutionary change in the powers of federal, state and local governments as well as those working in the public sector. And, while 24-hour cable news outlets will stay with breaking news, they won’t be the newsmakers. The action is online; this is the place to be for news before it becomes news.
Those reading this article already go online. Connecting with news Web sites is easy and the favorites should be bookmarked. However, for those not using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, there is a gap between personal observations and the more general news reports.
For those wanting to get an idea as to what the next generation of newsmakers is thinking get exposed to social media. It’s the way to secure an inside view of what’s happening. Enrollment is fast and easy. Just go online to the network(s) you want and sign up. It won’t be long before you move from being an observer to that of a participant.
Those of us 65+ didn’t spend our lives sitting on the sidelines. Being a spectator is okay, but being in the game is even better. So why not continue to do that now, when so much is going on? Get online and surf around until you find what works for you. Keep informed daily. Then start letting your views be heard. You have the experience to evaluate what is going on, and there are many folks out there who will appreciate what you have to say.