Tiger Woods Sincere? Who Cares?

I am sure by now everyone has had a chance to see with their own eyes, or at least hear about Tiger Woods’ news conference last week. The one where he apologized for causing the scandal that has torn his family apart.
That should have been good enough. Let’s get on with our lives. You see, my life doesn’t revolve around what happens in Hollywood or what our overpaid sports icons do with their lives. And contrary to what a large population of Americans believe, I think we should get out of the man’s private affairs. Just because he is in the limelight doesn’t mean that we have to know every tid-bit of scandalous information the media can pick out of his personal life. But, there are some who just can’t let it alone.
Emily Miller, columnist from Politics Daily states, “As for this female, I think if Tiger Woods wants privacy for his personal life, he should give back all the money and quit golf. Then, he can have all the privacy he wants.”
Even though Tiger apologized to the appropriate wounded parties (his wife, his family, his fans and his sponsors), that apparently wasn’t good enough for everyone. Almost immediately after his speech, attorney, Gloria Allred held a news conference in Los Angeles and called his apology “a public relations stunt” and a “disgrace.”
There always has to be those who have to keep things going, can’t let it go. So America, hold on because this Tiger Woods thing is going to be in our faces for quite a while. I say, “Get a life America and mind your own business!”
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