TV on the Go With the Nokia X7

What is one of the most common things people do to unwind after a long and busy day? There are a number of people who like to relax and watch their favorite programs on the television. However, there will be a lot of times when you miss your favorite programs on TV. With entertainment handsets such as the N8 and the new Symbian Anna-powered X7, you will never miss the shows that you look forward to.
Mobile phone technology is constantly evolving. There are now various features that keep users entertained. Users can listen to their tracks by storing songs on the phone’s memory and accessing them via the phone’s music player. People can now access cloud streaming service offered by phone manufacturers and mobile platforms such as Apple’s iCloud, Google’s Music Beta, and Amazon’s cloud service. Users can also listen to the radio on their handsets. Users can download or stream movies provided by various services such as iTunes and HTC Watch. Mobile phone users can also stream videos on video streaming websites such as YouTube. On this new Finnish-made smartphone, users can do all of these plus one more feature. They can now watch their favorite programs on Nokia’s web TV on demand.
On these TV channel streaming service, users can choose to watch a wide range of channels. One of the channels people love to watch after a long days work is the news. This is exactly what the Nokia X7 has to offer. Users can watch a number of news channels without having the need to rush to their own homes. Included in these news channels are CNN and BBC. If you are looking for informative documentaries, you can also watch the National Geographic Channel. With these channels, you will always be informed about the things going on around you.
There are more channels to enjoy on the Nokia X7. On the Ovi Store, you can choose to download apps that give you access to more channels. If you are constantly checking on the weather, you can choose to download the Weather Channel. If you constantly travel or if you would like to know more about travel destinations, you can always rely on the Travel Channel. In addition, there are other channels that cater to various preferences in entertainment. There are so many channel apps to choose from on the Ovi Store.
While watching TV on this smartphone, streaming can be done either by 3G or Wi-Fi. With the Nokia X7, you will always enjoy TV on the go.