Using RSS As A Marketing Tool

If you just happen to be the type of person that enjoys reading the headlines and then just a few sentences regarding the headline, then more than likely you have used RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication used by news websites, bloggers, and webmasters to publish short titles and blurbs regarding posts they have added to their website. The good news is that RSS is a great marketing too when used properly.
RSS feeds provide real-time news that can be read using a RSS reader on your desktop or organized to read at a specific website. Some browsers even offer RSS readers built-in so you can read the news without worrying about getting a reader.
A few blogs have built-in RSS feeds that publish feeds as soon as the webmaster writes the post. A few of most popular blog websites offering this technology include Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal, to name a few.
The best part of using RSS feeds is that you can even publish news from other websites that pertain to your own content, thus providing your readers with more real-time news on the topics. Most webmasters just a snippet of code on the top 1/3 of their webpage so readers will have the news right there instead of searching through several different websites. This provides your readers will exactly what they want – real-time news. If they are interested in the news story, they can click a link to go to the website to read the rest of the article.
RSS feeds show the title and around two to three sentences about the story. By adding RSS to your website, other webmasters will grab your feed and provide your news to other interested parties across the world. This will bring more traffic and more subscribers to your feed.
When adding a feed to your website, be sure you use the keywords you desire to rank higher in the search engines. This way, the content you provide will be rich in keywords that pertain to your website and will help you rank higher for those keywords or phrases. When adding posts, ensure your title has at least one of your keywords so you can ensure you are getting the most out of your RSS feed.
Using RSS as a marketing tool will help you obtain more targeted traffic, more sales, and even higher ranking in the search engines.