Ways to Mend A Broken Relationship

First we need to start from the beginning and getting them to really like you a whole lot. You need to be around the person as much as you possibly can, fore familiarity breeds fondness, not contempt.
When you do speak to them endeavor to do it when they are in a good mood or excited about something. This will enact the law of association. They will subconsciously associated the good mood with you.
Next if there is something about this person that you admire or respect make sure they know it.
Allow this person to do you a favor , you need to be sure it is not out of a sense of obligation.
Establish a psychological bridge and build a rapport by coping the person’s, rate of speech and patterns of vocals and copying any gestures.
You need to make them feel good about themselves. Be a person that is complimentary and honestly kind and warm. These steps will make them like you a lot, now we will get them to find you irresistible.
Emotion Arousal
Whenever someone is aroused, like at a amusement park, movie or just physical exercise, there arousal will be impart attributed to the person they are with. The effect is one of transference of state, where the excitement they feel gets translated unconsciously into a sexual desire and arousal.
Walking style
Youthfulness is very often a factor of physical attractiveness. The good news is you don’t have to be young, just appear young. People have a favorable reaction to those whose walking style appears youthful as opposed to those who appear elderly. So what makes up a youthful gait and posture. Flexibly is what makes the difference. Yoga will help you in all areas of this.
Gazing Into The Eyes
It is a fact that gazing into a persons eye can actually make that person fall in love with you. To best use this tactic when you are in a conversation with them, look directly into there eyes.