Do you remember how Kim Kardashian eagerly showed her photos in a corset on social networks? A little earlier, the interview with Jessica Allba also gained notoriety, who in detail told how she walked in a tight lace-up slimming corset every day for three months after giving birth. It happened that sometimes she even slept in it, all in order to get back to an attractive body form before pregnancy as soon as possible. The actress talked about all the pros and cons of these practices. Not everything was so comfortable and simple at once, but to sum up without hesitation, she admitted: “… IT WAS REALLY WORTH, because nothing worse than a big belly that stays and does not allow us to fully enjoy motherhood.”

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Most women look a critical eye on the appearance of their body just a few days after delivery. The large and slightly sagging belly, rounded sides and folds of fat accumulated during pregnancy do not improve the mood and make the young mother feel unattractive and ugly, but there is nothing to worry about – you need time to return to the old figure, but each a reasonable lady knows that you can not do without a little effort and choosing the right type of activity and energizing a healthy diet. After the whole period of pregnancy, we often feel that the abdomen and spine are also significantly weakened, and recovery after the “emperor” often turns out to be longer than after natural delivery. Rather, there is no way to do crunches in the first weeks because there is a risk of serious bleeding.

Mass-reducing corsets are back in favor?

After the publications mentioned above, another celebrity, i.e.Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak also eagerly jumped into corsets as soon as they mated with each other. Interest in waist training in corsets (called waist tranning) is growing rapidly all over the world.

And as far as. Kim K. is unlikely to be regarded as a treasury of knowledge and responsibility, she also has many opponents and is often bitterly commented on, one can agree with her without hesitation:

“Belly tying after pregnancy is amazing !!!” Admit it to any woman who has already tried it. Yes we can read in many American articles that deal with this topic.

The world once again appreciates the benefits of waist training with a real corset. Of course, there are places on earth where techniques of tight tying the abdomen after childbirth have been widely and constantly used for centuries, for example, residents of Trinidad do not understand how other women can give up and not do it. Are they giving up None of these things. – They have only recently gained knowledge on the subject.

A mother, Katarzyna, described her first experience with a corset, so after the birth of a 5 child, her experienced nurse persuaded her to squeeze her stomach almost a few hours after giving birth. At first, she did not trust this idea to squeeze and tire her organs after such an effort as the months of pregnancy and her termination. After all, it was her 5 childbirth and she knew perfectly well what her body needs and at what pace it will return to form. After a long discussion, I managed to persuade to the test. She let the corset tighten tightly around her stomach, and as soon as the nurse helped her to sit down, she immediately understood why for centuries women practiced squeezing the belly right after delivery. She humbly confessed that it was a great idea. The corset not only supported her jelly belly and spine, but above all she had the impression that her organs were returning to anatomically correct places.

The corset did not make me look slimmer (it was also slightly visible under clothing), but she wore it regularly for 40 days after giving birth and honestly admits that her recovery after her fifth delivery was much easier and shorter than after the previous four.

After 6 weeks of puerperium, she went for a follow-up visit to a gynecologist, she expected a lot of disapproval from the medic, and this, to her surprise, was delighted with her form and what happened with her body.

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Wearing a corset causes that the muscles in the front of the abdomen are called “Diastasis” can be almost completely corrected. The corset works like rails, which force the muscles on both sides of the abdomen to keep one track close together. Tightly tightened corset adapted for regular wearing also relieves the pregnancy tired spine and forces the body to an upright posture, which often guarantees great relief in lumbar pains.

Not all women will have a “diastasis” or troublesome tummy after pregnancy, but those women who will experience such a return to regaining a shapely, firm and appetizing figure may be a long and painful process. Often surgery is the only way to treat severe cases, so the fact that a corset or piece of tight, tight material can prevent it is amazing.

We often hear a skeptical approach to the so-called “Corsets” for cosmetic waist correction, today we know from experience that squeezing the belly after delivery often brings only positive benefits. Women have used corsets for centuries and many women today are also happy with the effects of wearing them. “Now I willingly urge my friends who have become mothers to take care of their bellies and waist in this way,” Katarzyna admits. Wearing a corset can only be painful if you want it yourself. Listen to your body and adjust pressure to your comfort. If wearing a corset becomes bothersome, just loosen it or just take it off for a while – it’s a sign that you have tied too much. Another Plus is that “corsetting” is still widely regarded as one of the safer methods of supporting the waist in reducing it, much safer than draconian diets, suspicious pills or surgery. That’s how Kate summarized her statement – happy and attractive I have 5 children.