What Can We Learn From Donald Trump’s Failures?

When we look at the Trump network, a thought comes to mind that there are lots of things we can learn from Donald Trump. Most of his achievements and misfortunes were seen by public at large. But it seems like he always jumps back on to his feet, no matter what brings him down. And so, there are lessons that we can learn from Mr. Trump’s rises and falls.
The first one is that you shouldn’t get too comfortable when you get to the top. At the time when Donald Trump reached the top he didn’t worry about anything because he had it all. And it’s evident he never thought about losing everything and that his empire could possibly fall, as it did. You have to continue working hard and have a plan “b” if something goes really wrong.
After that, Donald Trump employed all of his facilities to get to top back again. The first time his empire collapsed, he used his business contacts and knowledge, and created The Apprentice show. It helped him to get back in focus of attention. If Mr. Trump didn’t have enough courage to get up on his feet and try to climb back, that show even might not have started. The words, “You are fired”, could not get the reaction they do today. When you’re down you should use any skills and contacts you can that would help you stand up on your feet.
And in the end, you should never let obstacles to impose how high you can climb. If your life throws you a curve ball, use the bat to hit a home run. There’s no such great difficulty that you couldn’t overcome. Encircle yourself with the right people and you’ll possess the countenance you need to climb up again in case you fall.