Why to Use or Download From Binary Newsgroups

Unlike most traditional file-sharing services, newsgroup files are stored on servers that replicate the data amongst themselves. By posting to one server, the file is replicated, or copied, to thousands of servers all over the world. This allows for constant access to the files, and speeds only limited by your connection to the server. Because the usenet is enormous, most servers only keep a few days worth of files, deleting old content to make way for new. Premium services retain content for up to a year or more.
Usenet accounts basically come in two flavors: free and premium (read paid). Free servers are sometimes offered by your ISP, and often have short retention periods, sometimes measured in hours or days. Since they only retain, or remember, the last few days worth of uploads, the pool of available files is limited and requires constant monitoring of thousands of newsgroups to find files you may be interested in.
Premium usenet providers are simply selling access to their servers that retain all these messages. Because they are all storing the same data, the real competition among providers is not in the content itself, but the in the connection speed they can deliver, the retention rates they can maintain, high uptime and completion, and quality customer service. This competition yields fantastic results for us, the consumers. A great usenet provider will have near 100% uptime, fast and friendly customer support staff, and speeds unrivaled anywhere else online. Top rated providers can offer 30-50 simultaneous connections with speeds reaching 100 megabits per second. Check out this video of a smoking fast download using a industry leading usenet provider.
You don’t need a special invite or worry about the prying eyes of your ISP, university, coffee shop owner, or fellow internet user when you are using a secure, 256-bit SSL connection to access your files and messages. Using a secure binary usenet connection is the safest, fastest, easiest, and most secure way to download user generated content and messages from newsgroups. With a premium service you can get months of retention, high completion rates (99% in some cases), lightening fast download speeds, and most offer services with SSL (secure, encrypted connections) to keep your usenet activities private. Because you pay for your access to the network you get extremely fast downloads and no need to upload anything. That’s right, there are no ratios for newsgroups.
Compared to all the other methods of file sharing on the internet today, it is hard to disagree that the usenet’s size, popularity, growth, connection speeds and availability is unrivaled anywhere online. It is easy to get started using binary newsgroups, and you are sure to find yourself wondering why you didn’t get a usenet account a long time ago. For more information and tutorials on how to download from newsgroups, or choosing a usenet provider, please visit