You Are The Center of Your Universe

You are the center of your universe and the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself. Here’s why: You are a divine Source being having a human experience and that experience is exactly according to what you choose. That doesn’t make much sense until you begin to really get to know yourself. That is to say, the more aware you become of yourself, the more you see what’s really going on inside. For the most part, most humans don’t have a clue about this. But there are subtle thoughts which turn into emotions going on all the time and generally, a human will be aware of perhaps 10% of it, if that. And that 10% is only because what’s going on is not so subtle so it can’t help but get the humans attention.
What’s not being taught much if at all to humans within our culture is that all these subtle thoughts + emotions are sending out vibrations into the universe that set in motion a chain of reactions in the non-physical realms that cause a reflection of all those thoughts and emotions to then show up in the physical, in your face so to speak. In other words, until you truly master life, your life is always going to be a reflection of what’s going on within vibrationally because it is there where you choose what you want, consciously or by default.
As it turns out, because humans are not aware of most of what’s going on within, they are creating their reality by default-unconsciously. What’s going on within is a swirl of mixed emotions, sometimes angry, sometimes sad, sometimes lonely, sometimes jealous, sometimes excited, sometimes whatever. All these emotions begin with thoughts that just flow into the mind and set off a chain of reactionary thoughts that then create the emotions that go out and cause circumstances to show up in the external world that reflect all those thoughts and emotions. Imagine when all these thoughts are randomly flowing and they are quite a mixed bag. For example, you have a 20 minute drive to work and within that time any number of thoughts might pop in, getting you thinking about something and depending on how much a thought matters to you, you begin a dialogue with it, that causes emotions, sometimes heated emotions because of how much that particular issue matters.
So you’ve pulled out of your drive and you’re a mile away and suddenly a thought pops in, “Shit, I left my shopping list on the kitchen counter. I was planning to go shopping after work. I spent 15 minutes writing that out and I know there’s no way I’m going to remember what’s on it!” This thought alone causes frustration. Now you add to it: “Damn it, if I go back I’m going to be late for work!” You now feel anxiety about that idea. You make a split second decision. “To hell with it, I’ll just have to wing it at the store. I know I’ll forget something but I can’t afford to be late. My boss hates it when I’m late.” Your need to keep your boss happy wins out. But that doesn’t change your mood, which is anxious and frustrated. Moments later you see that person you’ve been avoiding because you had a run in with them once. They’re walking down the street. “Oh God, I don’t want her to see me.” You duck down as you drive by, making sure you’re too low to be seen. “Whew! What an asshole she is.” You spend a few minutes thinking about how she screwed you over. Your emotions escalate from being anxious and frustrated to worrying about if she saw you or not and anger towards the way she treated you.
Suddenly the traffic slows down to a crawl as it appears to be backed up. “Come on. I specifically didn’t go back for my list because I wanted to be on time. This can’t be happening.” But it is. In fact, within a few minutes it stops. You let out several curse words as you pound the steering wheel. You surmise there must be an accident up ahead but the traffic is too thick to see anything. Emotions are flowing about this-more worry, anxiety, frustration and anger. You get on the phone and yell at the secretary who takes your message that you’re going to be late because of the “god damn traffic.” I could go on and on but you get the picture. But this scenario is only the surface stuff that’s going on. Once you finally arrive at work and get into your routine, thoughts continue to pour in about all kinds of other things. The weather, that coat you bought recently, how angry you are that you never win the lottery, your plants need watering, did you leave your car keys in the car (you stop and rummage through your purse until you find them), do aliens exist?, does anybody ever get a raise in this place?, why does she keep biting her nails-it’s driving me crazy, etc., etc. Again, some don’t matter much so they flow right on out. But some remind you of things that do matter to you-and you don’t like them (like the nail-biting). So while you’re trying to concentrate on work related thoughts, these other thoughts just seem to flow in without permission and ambush you. Emotions are created. You’re an emotional mess.
A nice thing happens. A co-worker compliments you. That feels good but while you’re thinking about that, other thoughts come in and distract you from those, pulling you out of feeling good. “Let’s see, where was I-oh yes, those nails!…” And on and on it goes, all day, every day. This is the state of affairs of the average human. Some days it’s more intense, some days less, but it goes on all the time. Now, do you see what’s going on here? All your emotions, which are all over the place, sometimes subtle, sometimes huge, are all sending out vibrations and those in the invisible realms (yes you do have a supportive angelic team which are there by the way in service to you), are doing their best to keep up with you but because there are so many confusing and therefore, conflicting thoughts and emotions, they can barely get started to bring you one thing before you’ve changed your energetic focus, causing them to abandon that idea and begin something else (imagine how challenging it can get for them!).
As this goes on all day every day, what’s happening is that the energy is building up but not really going anywhere because there are too many conflicting directions in which it is going in. The result is a lot of pressure-anxiety, frustration, anger, and just plain raw emotion that gets built up inside. Sooner or later it has to come out because it’s like a pressure cooker-building up. One day someone says something and you fly off the hook and then condemn yourself for doing that because, “that’s not like me” you think. (Actually, as you can see, it is very much like them but they’re unaware of this and that’s my whole point here).
If I have described something similar to how your days go sometimes then I invite you to consider taking time to get quiet and relax on a regular basis because in this scenario, you have no idea who you really are. So much goes on within unnoticed. Taking time to get quiet begins a process of becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions, which then naturally encourages you to understand which ones would be more preferred. This means you become aware of who you’re not. What also can happen though, if you allow it, is that you can begin recognizing a deep level of love and compassion that you have (which is who you really are) and you can begin choosing to give that to you who seems to be bent on wreaking havoc on your day. That compassion will have the effect of allowing you to feel understood and accepted-which feels fantastic because up until now, you haven’t given yourself the time of day and you certainly haven’t accepted much about yourself.
As this compassion and love of self grows you are able to make conscious choices to no longer place your focus on things that you now realize no longer serve you. This is very simple yet requires an understanding of who you really are on the core level-which is a divine Source being having a human experience. That divine being is a joyful, compassionate being, who loves to have experiences yet it doesn’t judge those experiences nor does it have an agenda-anything is okay. As you become more aware of who you’re not, you become aware of this real you. The real you is beckoning you to release all ways of thinking about what shows up in your life and instead, to just allow it without any need to change it. When you can do that, everything changes for you. Going back to the above example, let’s say a bit later after you’ve been allowing yourself to get comfortable with yourself, you pull out of the drive and realize you left your shopping list on the kitchen counter again. Because you’re now in an allowing mode, it doesn’t matter to you. “Ah, silly me, yes, I am forgetful sometimes but I love me anyway.” You laugh it off and just know that it’s going to be okay when you get to the store.
Next, you see that person you had a run in with. This time as you remember how she “screwed you over” you realize that she was only showing you how you’ve been screwing yourself over by not being real because you’ve been so conflicted inside, causing you to create a lot of drama that really didn’t have to be there. You feel compassion for her and thank her in your mind for showing up to remind you of your conflicting nature, and then you appreciate your tendency to have conflicting energy. Tears begin to flow and you have to pull over. You feel those feelings of being screwed over but then you also feel a great deal of love for yourself. You understand that even when your day looked like the first scenario, you were doing the best you could because you were operating out of a low level of awareness. You tell yourself that you love you and that you really don’t need to be that way now and you feel a knowing that it’s all going to be okay. You feel safe inside.
Now, because of where your energy is at, and that it didn’t even occur to you that you “can’t afford to be late” when you remembered you forgot your shopping list and therefore chose not to go back to get it, chances are the traffic is going to run smoothly all the way to work on this day because that’s the creator that you are. It only backed up and jammed because it was reflecting to you how much your energy was backed up and jammed. On this new day your energy is very much flowing. It’s not at all in conflict. Therefore it’s quite likely that the traffic will also be flowing. But, let’s say it does get jammed up. You’re feeling so good that you call in to work to let them know about the traffic. The secretary responds with understanding and acceptance. Why? Because you are vibrating understanding and acceptance towards yourself. You hang up and feel like singing your favorite song and think, “Hey, I’m a pretty good singer. Maybe I’ll try out some karaoke.” You enjoy yourself for 45 minutes until you finally arrive at work. There your boss compliments you on how beautiful you are today even though you’re late and during this day you find it refreshingly easy to concentrate on your work without a lot of distracting thoughts. You feel a wonderful inner freedom and can’t remember when you last felt it.
The difference between the first scenario and the second is only a matter of awareness, which contributes to a growing compassion for yourself and this naturally elicits a different response from you towards what shows up in life-a more appreciative and compassionate one. And that different response completely changes what shows up in your reality. I have just described the process of creating a safe and sacred space within you and that is why I say, you are the center of your universe and what shows up in your universe is going to be exactly according to what you are vibrating from within.
It is good news to discover that you are a divine Source being-a creator. Once you truly master yourself, which means you’ve reached such a deep level of love and familiarity for you that you can’t possibly be pulled out of your safe and sacred space regardless of your external environment, then life is no longer a reflection of you. You realize that it is all there in wonderful service to you. So I invite to become aware of who you are and learn how creation occurs, and you will discover that you get out of the passenger seat (default creating due to a lot of inner conflict that you’re not even aware of) and into the drivers seat (conscious choices due to having cultivated compassion for yourself and an appreciation for all the gifts that show up around you all the time to teach you who you are). The choice is up to you. What will you choose today?